We value being a multiracial church. We are not only non-racist; but we are actively anti-racism. We believe all people are designed totally equal by our Creator and seek to bring about justice and reconciliation. We love boldly.


1. Contemporary, heartfelt worship where God’s presence is experienced.

2. Relevant and applicable preaching.

3. Focus on prayer – “crying out to God for His power!”

4. Excellence in assimilation, greeting ministry, follow-up on each visitor, and networking their friends and relatives.

5. Emphasis on small group ministries – Home Life Groups.

6. Effective “out-reach” and evangelism. Through large group activities, Halloween outreach, Christmas concert etc… and personal invitation to church small groups.

7. Discipleship is vital. We are to present every person mature in Christ (accomplished through small and specialized groups).

8. Preparing people for ministry through the discovery of their spiritual gifts.

9. To reproduce ourselves through church planting.

10. To be highly involved in missions and world evangelism through short-term missions and support of Foursquare Missions.